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Vitamin C Serum: Morning or Night?

by Nikola Saric 29 Sep 2023

Hey there, gorgeous! 

Let's dive into a skin-loving topic that has the internet buzzing louder than your morning alarm: Vitamin C serums. 

You've got one, or you're thinking of investing in one.

Now, the next big question arises: "When's the best time to slather it on - morning or evening?" 

Stick around as we unravel this age-old beauty mystery.

A Date with the Sun: Why Mornings?

Sunrise & Skin Science: Delving Deeper

Morning rituals. Some of us meditate, others go for a brisk jog, and some just hit that snooze button (no judgment here!). 

But one thing we can all incorporate into our AM routine? A dash of Vitamin C serum. 

Now, let's spill the tea on why this particular time frame could be your skin's golden hour.

Pop of Protection: The Science Behind the Shield

Hold on tight, because we're diving headfirst into a little skincare science. 

The environment around us is teeming with invisible scoundrels called free radicals. Think of them as microscopic thieves, sneakily stealing essential proteins and lipids from our skin. 

The upshot? Accelerated aging and a lackluster complexion. Sounds like a villainous plot, right? 

But enter Vitamin C - your skin's knight in shining armor. Rich in antioxidants, it neutralizes these pesky free radicals, actively defending your skin from the barrage of environmental assaults. 

What's even more intriguing is that Vitamin C does more than just play defense. It works on the offense, too, promoting collagen production. That translates into skin that doesn’t just fend off the bullies but glows while doing it!

Partner in Prime: Amping Up Your Sun Guard

Now let's talk about that big, bright ball in the sky – our sun. Glorious as it is, its rays can be pretty harsh on our skin. 

Sure, we all enjoy a bit of sun-kissed glow, but overexposure can lead to dark spots, premature aging, and worse - serious skin concerns. 

This is where sunscreen waltzes in, promising to protect our skin from those UV fiends. 

But did you know pairing Vitamin C serum with your sunscreen is like giving your skin an elite VIP protection package? 

Here’s how it works:

Sunscreen primarily acts as a physical barrier, reflecting or absorbing the sun's rays. On the other hand, Vitamin C, with its antioxidant properties, combats the damage caused by the sun at a cellular level

By layering Vitamin C serum underneath your sunscreen, you're not just doubling up; you're diversifying your defense strategy. It's like having a trusty shield and a swift sword in a battle.

However, let’s clear the air on one vital detail – while Vitamin C serum is a potent sidekick, it's NOT a substitute for your sunscreen. 

Think of it as Batman and Robin. Alone they're strong, but together? Unstoppable. 

So, never skip that SPF, even if you've layered on a generous amount of Vitamin C. They complement, not replace, each other.

The Morning Mantra: Consistency is Key

Getting into the groove of a morning routine might take a minute, especially if you're the one who's always scrambling to find your left shoe (been there!). 

But, incorporating Vitamin C serum into your AM ritual can soon become as second-nature as brushing your teeth or brewing that essential cup of joe. 

Consistency is what drives results in skincare. So, setting a specific time, like mornings, can be your secret weapon in ensuring you never miss a day of Vitamin C goodness.

Starry Nights: The Case for the Evening

The Moonlit Metamorphosis: Beauty Sleep Decoded

If you had a dollar for every time you heard the term 'beauty sleep', right? But it's not just a fancy phrase coined by sleepyheads. There's genuine science behind it! 

As the world slips into a serene hush and you're deep in dreamland (possibly on a beach with Chris Hemsworth?), your skin is having its own late-night party. 

This nocturnal phase is where skin cells dance into regeneration, repair, and growth, actively reversing the wear and tear of the day.

Repair and Restore: The Night-time Nutrient Boost

Enter Vitamin C serum into this nightly ballet. 

Our skin is a tad more permeable at night. This means it's more receptive to soaking up all the nutrients and goodness from our skincare products. Using Vitamin C serum during these prime hours can be like handing a tired worker a refreshing energy drink. 

The serum dives deep, delivering its potent ingredients directly to the places that crave it the most. With its rich antioxidants and collagen-boosting properties, Vitamin C aids in patching up the damages from UV rays and pollution, simultaneously boosting the skin's natural healing mechanism. 

So, when you wake up, you're not just well-rested; your skin feels rejuvenated and looks more radiant.

Quiet Intensity: The Unseen Power Hour

Picture this - you're trying to pen down your thoughts, but there's a ruckus around with blaring horns, constant chatter, and an endless stream of distractions. 

Difficult, right? 

Now imagine a calm room, a flickering candle, and absolute tranquility. Your thoughts flow seamlessly. 

Similarly, during the day, our skin faces a multitude of external aggressors like pollution, dust, and of course, the unrelenting UV rays. It's a cacophony of stressors out there. But nighttime? Ah, it's the calm after the storm. 

The absence of these daytime disruptors allows the Vitamin C serum to work with a focused intensity, undisturbed and uninterrupted. It's the optimal window where the serum can truly showcase its prowess, working harmoniously with the body's internal clock. 

This synergy ensures that every drop you apply goes the extra mile, giving you more bang for your buck.

Timing it Right: The Perfect PM Ritual

Now, the big question - when exactly should you apply this golden elixir in your nighttime routine? 

After cleansing and toning, of course! 

Ensure your face is slightly damp when you apply the serum. It helps in better absorption. 

Once you're done, you can layer on your favorite moisturizer or night cream. This ensures that the serum is sealed in, and its effects are amplified.

Switching It Up: Variety is the Spice of Life

Decoding the Twice-a-Day Doctrine

Let's spill the beans on a skincare secret – a fair number of skincare gurus are head over heels in love with using their Vitamin C serum both day and night. 

But why the double dedication? 

The morning application stands as a guard against the environmental aggressors, while the nighttime round aims to rejuvenate and repair. It's like having an umbrella during a drizzle and a warm blanket during chilly nights; both serve distinct purposes.

Know Thyself: The Art of Listening to Your Skin

While it's tempting to follow every tip from those flawless-faced influencers, remember this golden rule of skincare: Your skin is as unique as your fingerprint. 

Before diving into a twice-a-day routine, pause and tune into what your skin is whispering (or in some cases, shouting). 

Some skins are like enthusiastic puppies, eagerly lapping up all the nourishment and attention. For them, twice-a-day could be the golden ticket to radiance. 

Others, however, are more like the discerning cat, content with a specific amount and frequency. For such skins, once a day is their sweet spot, providing all the benefits without being overwhelming.

Overdoing vs. Optimizing: Walking the Tightrope

Ever heard of 'too much of a good thing'? 

In the realm of skincare, there's a delicate balance to strike. While Vitamin C is undoubtedly beneficial, drenching your skin in it might not always yield double the results. 

It's essential to recognize signs of overdoing it: irritation, redness, or even minor breakouts. These could be your skin's way of tapping out and signaling that less might be more for you. 

On the other hand, if you notice enhanced radiance, smoother texture, and a visible reduction in blemishes with a twice-a-day application, you might just be on the path to unlocking your skin's maximum potential.

Customization is Key: Crafting Your Vitamin C Routine

If you're curious about doubling down, start slow. 

Introduce the second application gradually, maybe every alternate day, to gauge how your skin reacts. 

Remember, skincare isn't a one-size-fits-all affair. Your friend might rave about her twice-a-day routine, but what works for her might not work for you, and that's okay.


Take notes, perhaps even maintain a skincare diary. Jot down how your skin feels post-application, any visible changes, and any sensations (like tingling or warmth). 

Over a few weeks, these notes will paint a clear picture of how your skin is truly feeling about the added Vitamin C dose.

The Switch-Up Verdict: Embrace Experimentation

Embracing a flexible mindset, being open to experimentation, and, most importantly, being attuned to your skin's needs and feedback can lead you to your personalized Vitamin C nirvana. 

And who knows? Maybe the journey of discovering what's perfect for your skin could be as rewarding as the glowing results themselves.

Let’s Talk Layers: Where Does Vitamin C Fit In?

Layering 101: The Symphony of Skincare

Alright, fellow skincare enthusiasts, if you imagine your skincare routine as an orchestra, each product is like a distinct musical instrument. 

They all play their parts, but when in harmony, the result is nothing short of a melodious symphony. 

Vitamin C, with its brightening notes, has a pivotal role in this concert. But where exactly does it fit in?

Setting the Stage with a Clean Slate

Before any layering begins, ensure your canvas is primed and ready. This means cleansing. Because you wouldn’t paint over a dirty canvas, would you? 

Similarly, your skin needs to be squeaky clean to allow the Vitamin C serum to perform its magic. Using a gentle cleanser not only rids your face of dirt and oil but also prepares your skin to better absorb the goodness that follows.

The Lead Performer: Vitamin C’s Grand Entry

Once you’ve set the stage, it’s time to usher in the star of the show - Vitamin C serum

This serum is lightweight and potent. A few drops are all you need. Gently dab it onto your face, moving from the inside out, ensuring you cover all areas. 

As you massage it in, visualize those powerful antioxidants coursing through your skin, fighting off damage, and imparting that enviable glow.

Pause and Play: Give It a Moment

It’s tempting to rush through your routine, especially on those frantic mornings or super sleepy nights. 

But here’s a tip: post serum application, take a brief hiatus. Maybe brush your hair, pick out your outfit, or indulge in some deep breaths. 

Giving your skin a minute or two ensures the serum sinks in fully, setting the ideal base for the next layers. It’s a bit like letting a freshly painted wall dry before hanging up artwork.

The Supporting Acts: Moisturizers and SPF

With Vitamin C serum absorbed, it’s time to seal the deal. 

Enter moisturizers and, if it's morning, an SPF. 

A moisturizer acts as a barrier, locking in the serum and preventing moisture loss. Remember, hydrated skin is happy skin, and a moisturizer ensures your skin remains quenched and plump.

Morning routines should always include an SPF post moisturizer. 

Why? Because UV rays are notorious skin villains. SPF stands as a valiant protector, deflecting these harmful rays. 

And when it's layered over Vitamin C, the sun protection is amplified. It's a bit like having two bodyguards instead of one, each complementing the other’s strengths.

Sequencing Science: Why Order Matters

The skincare layering game follows a straightforward principle: move from lightest to heaviest. 

Think of it as layering clothes. You wouldn’t wear a heavy jacket under a light tee, right? Similarly, the lightweight consistency of serums, like Vitamin C, allows them to penetrate the skin quickly. 

Heavier products, like moisturizers or sunscreens, come next, as they work on the surface, forming protective barriers.

Above All, Listen to Your Skin

Like any true relationship, it's all about communication. 

Your skin will let you know what it loves. Maybe it's relishing that morning glow, or perhaps it's thanking you for the nighttime nourishment. ;

The key? Observation and a dash of experimentation.

So, the next time you’re holding that bottle of Vitamin C serum, remember you have the power. Make the choice that lights up your skin and fits your fabulous life! 

Cheers to radiant skin!

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